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photo: Claudia Hansen



"Art often walks a fine line between the familiar and the unexpected. With his new trio, Hendrik Müller certainly walks this tightrope on his debut album Unlikely Scenario".

photo: Claudia Hansen


"Since its founding in 2020, the trio has quickly found its own style which has every chance of becoming unmistakable in European jazz."

Lippische Landes-Zeitung:

“Individual creativity and perfect interaction”


"Hendrik Müller has written with the CD 'Unlikely Scenario' a scenario for a glorious musical future."


"Unlikely Scenario oscillates between moments of melancholic devotion and such full of free energy. Explosive contemplation.”

Cute and Dangerous:

“His first album points to something really big”

Soultrain Online:

With "Unlikely Scenario" Hendrik Müller and his trio succeed in making a memorable beginning of what will hopefully be a long series of fine-spirited but not overly cerebral jazz albums.

SCHALL Musikmagazin:

"Here, despite the large room for improvisation for the players, the double bass is given a freedom that is elsewhere difficult to experience. That makes even the most spoiled jazz connoisseur sit up and take notice.”


"A great debut!"

Leidsch Dagblad:

"Müller is a very gifted story teller"


"Complex and yet accessible. The exquisite interaction of the musicians and the inspiring play with listening habits captivated the audience."

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