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The Hendrik Müller Trio marks the starting point of a new musical path for the jazz double-bass player and composer Hendrik Müller.

After performing and touring with numerous international jazz bands and ensembles over the last years, Hendrik is now stepping forward as a band leader and is canalizing all his experiences into creating his own musical voice.


With Christian Pabst on piano and Nick Thessalonikefs on drums, Hendrik has found the perfect combination of musicians and friends to present his musical ideas that have been developing over the last years.

His music is energetic and yet contemplative and full of unexpected turns. It triggers a deep fascination and wonder for how the music will develop. All this is brought to life by the wonderful interpretations of the three musicians, that take these ideas from the paper to a new dimension of poetry, colors and a narrative with unavoidable drive.

photo: Claudia Hansen


Hendrik Müller is a German jazz double-bass player based in Amsterdam.

He grew up in a very musical family in Detmold, as the son of a classical pianist/composer and a recorder player.

One of his first music related memories is to be sitting next to his grandfather on the organ bench, changing the registers, while he was playing in the local church.

While classical music had been the main influence on Hendrik until his teenage years (taking piano lessons from 6 years on and playing double bass in several youth orchestras) his interest in jazz and improvised music kept on becoming stronger and stronger.

I remember listening over and over again to the very few jazz records that I could find in the house. I felt very strongly inside that I had to figure out how this music works, otherwise I could never come to rest

Soon Hendrik started spending hours playing along most tunes that he could find on the radio or in the local record store.

Listening very carefully and learning everything by ear was the most normal thing for me

His stay as an exchange student in the USA, where he started playing and going to competitions with the high school big band, gave him the final boost to decide to become a professional jazz musician.

Back in Germany he started his studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg and continued at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where he obtained his Master diploma in 2016.

Besides his own trio project, Hendrik is since several years a very active member of the international jazz scene, having worked together with Philip Harper, Abdu Salim, Jimmy Halperin, National Radio Orchestra of Greece, Podium Witteman, Nicolas Altstaedt, Ghalia Benali, Sun-Mi Hong, the Daahoud Salim Quintet, Mehmet Polat & Embracing Colours, Erik Verwey Trio, Maarten Voortman Quintet and Eye Man All-Stars.

Hendrik has won numerous prizes in international jazz competitions such as the 1st prize at the International Jazz Award Zeeland withe the Keno Harriehausen Quartet in 2013, 1st prize at the Getxo Jazz Award with the Daahoud Salim Quintet in 2016 and 1st prize at the International B-jazz Competition in Belgium together with the Daahoud Salim Quintet in 2017.

Hendrik has also worked as a double bass, electric bass and jazz theory teacher at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory in Nepal in 2019.

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